Is your Produce Organic? 

All our Veg is grown from Organic Seed where possible. We only use one application of Compost every year in the Spring; that Compost is Organic.
None of our crops are sprayed.

Our hens are only fed Organic grain and they forage insects and greens.
We farm to a set of principles looking beyond Organic to see how our farming effects not only the food we produce but also the ecosystem our land is a part of and the community we are in.
We are not certified Organic by any Organisation.
We are open and transparent. Anyone can come and see how we produce Local Integrity food and, through this transparency, hopefully trust us.

What Days are the Market and What Times? 

When you proceed to the checkout you will be prompted to choose your Collection Point and time.
If you don't see a day/time that suits you contact us and we'll do our best to help.

Why don't you deliver to my door? 

To save our time, money, and fuel. There's only two of us and a few volunteers right now so we're needed in the garden all day, everyday.
We can't afford a delivery driver and we'd prefer to meet you at the market and mingle.
We think of the Collect part of Click and Collect as a plus! Know your Farmer, know your food. 

Can I Pay when I collect? On card or with cash? 

Paying online is the simplest, easiest option that guarantees you can have what you want. 
We take a limited range of extras to the collection points each week. 
You can pay with Cash or card. 

How will you know it's me when I come to the Market? 

When you order you are prompted for your name. Your order is linked to your name.
Simply arrive at the market and when you are at the front of the queue tell us your name.
We'll know you soon enough.
You can wear a giant name badge if you like. 

How are you keeping the Market safe during Covid19?

We have Covid signage at our stall and hand sanitiser. We sanitise between collections.
We trust that you fine folk will work with us to keep the market safe too by queuing 2m apart.
These are strange circumstances and we're new to this so with your help we can refine the process over time and keep making improvements. 

Why are you doing all this weird stuff? Click and Collect and selling in Bunches etc...

We see the relationship between farmer and customer as more dynamic than 'We make food, you buy food'.
We are community centered and dedicated to offering you the best food we can grow and a great buying experience.
We have some systems that make our lives easier so we can concentrate on those two principles.
This means we're asking you to invest in those principles too. We want a relationship with our customers.
We don't want to date you. Just clearing that up.
We want to know your names, know what food you like, know what you honestly think of our business and know that you trust us with providing you and your family with your food.
We like that. We think you will like that.
We're looking for the folk that want to know their farmer by name, know where their food was grown, and take an active interest and become part of Mad Yolk Farm.
That is why we do some weird stuff. A little give and take. 

You Folks sound Great! Can I come visit the Farm? Can I Volunteer? Can I be more than just a customer?

Ah thanks a million! (Blushes)
Send us a message here and we'll get back to you!