Our Story

Mad Yolk Farm is a new project in Galway on a mission with two simple aims:

1. Grow & showcase the best Local, seasonal produce.

2. Have a Great Time doing it.

Brian met Joe on a remote Swedish farm whilst on a Regenerative Agriculture training in Summer 2019.
Joe was there working in the Market Garden.
Brian had a farm of land back home in Ireland and was looking for a fresh start.
Joe was handy with a trowel.  
In a yurt in Sweden they 'hatched' the plan for Mad Yolk Farm.  

Now Mad Yolk Farm offers a weekly Click and Collect Service from their purposefully small Local Farm.
The two Mad Yolks don't think they will save the world growing carrots 
but they do believe farms can:

• provide healthy, nutrient dense food

• create fun, hard working, meaningful jobs

• restore the eco-systems we work in not take from them

• increase biodiversity and build rich soils

• create local food security

• be centres of the community

• be full of LIFE!

Any other Mad Yolks out there?